Distressing- Effective Stress Release



Distressing. Effective stress release



On the surface, Distressing in today’s way of life might not seem so simple, but it is possible. Yes, it’s common for stress to raise its ugly little head in many ways causing grief and pain in many scenarios.

Stress related to work, relationships, finances, health, and personal loss! Appear to be the most common. Let’s not forget PTSD and childhood trauma.

These issues can be quite complex and severe. If so! It would be advisable to approach your Health Professional for appropriate distressing methods.



Do you know what signs to look out for if you’re feeling stressed?


Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress.

  • Social Withdrawal.
  • Poor Concentration Levels
  • Loss Of Interest In The Workplace!
  • Irritability.
  • Stomach Problems.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle Tension.
  • Sleep Problems.
  • Low Sex Drive.
  • Loss Of Appetite.
  • Depression and Anxiety





Stop Stressing and Start Distressing!


There are times when bad attitudes and negative behavioural patterns may cause stress. This can amount to a loss of self-confidence, loss of self-respect, and a loss of a productive lifestyle. Becoming withdrawn from society is inevitable.




The Controller.

A lot of the times we as humans have this tendency to bring unnecessary stress upon ourselves! By trying to control everything and everybody in our lives. Oh, the Ego? Well, this is may have an adverse effect.

“Now this is not to say that there aren’t times when situations need attention. But do it with due diligence.”

“People have feelings. The respect of others can be earned through understanding and empathy. Be stern in your approach but not aggressive.”




Better Your Communication Skills.

Did you know that the misuse of verbal skills could actually attribute to stress? Regardless if you are at work, home, or in a social surrounding! Good communication is important. You may want to check out this article by the Mayo Clinic on Assertiveness.

This article discusses how being assertive is a key factor in better communication. Great if you’re the controller?




Do Away With Negative Attitude.

Negative thoughts will drain your motivation and energy levels, thus increasing stress. We have heard it before and its true! Avoid people with negative attitudes! Try to identify and do away with negative attitudes intrusive thoughts.

Try to look at each problem from the outside in. It may be easier said than done! But always aim for the best solution. Avoid hasty decisions and reactions. Think before you act.

“Have a positive outlook on life. And don’t forget to pamper yourself ones in a while. It’s healthy and a great distressing activity.”




Resisting Perfection:

Trying to be perfect at every task can cause unnecessary stress. Don’t set unrealistic goals in your life but do the best at whatever you do, be it at home, school or in the workplace. If you make a mistake, it’s ok. This is how we learn and grow. Remember no one is perfect.

“The most influential and successful people in life have their flaws and imperfections. We are who we are. Unique.”




Declutter Your Environment.

It’s not only our thoughts that need cleansing. Our environments are no different.

Yes, we tend to collect a lot of unwanted belongings. Work or home! I know for myself I can’t work, live or socialize in an environment that is full of clutter. Ok, se I’m a little fussy! But that’s me. Do we need so much stuff?

“Give what is not needed to charity and help others in the process. Now that’s a great distressing technique.”




Always Running Late.

Yes, I’m sure we have all been late for an appointment, and at times through no fault of our own. But what about when it becomes a habit! Getting up late and trying to finish things before heading off to our destination and wham! Stress when we don’t get there on time.

If you are always late for meetings, work, and social events then plan and create a schedule of your day. Do this the night before and allow extra time to arrive at your destination. 


“It’s in the planning that we can ease the stress of being late.”




Distressing By Prioritising and Organising.

Now we may not all be capable of multi-tasking or making quick decisions on the spot. And that’s ok! So a little organising can go long way. Here is a tip that you can utilise when it comes to making the daily routine a little less stressful.

Tip…Avoid Over-Committing Yourself.

Have you ever put too much food on your plate and when you get through it you feel like your going to explode. That’s your stomach stressing out. Guess what? Putting too much on your plate at work, home or other events are the same.

So what do we do? We organize ourselves before the “obvious” hits the fan! Try creating a list of “must do’s” and “should do’s”. Yes, it’s prioritizing your daily tasks. Must do’s comes first followed by should do’s etc. You get the idea.

“Now even if you don’t get all the tasks done, at least the “must do’s” are out the way.” Ah! Relief.




Take Regular Breaks

So we have discussed prioritising and organising your tasks. Taking regular breaks is also important. Be it at work, home, meetings it doesn’t matter. It’s those short breaks that are enough to break the pattern of stress and fatigue.

In this short video! Physiotherapist Alex McKinven shares some helpful tips on office relaxation. Click here for the video. 

Do your best to fit some short breaks into your schedule. If possible sit and meditate or take a short walk to clear your mind before you engage in another task.


“Taking a break is a powerful distressing technique”.





Break Your Dreams Into Small Manageable Steps.

Achieving all your dreams at once can be stressing and overwhelming. Try not to fall into the trap of wanting all your desires to manifest yesterday! It’s not going to happen.

Be realistic about your goals, dreams etc. and set a timeline. E.G you may want to lose 10 pounds within the next 3 months. That’s about a pound a week and an achievable goal! Without too much stress!




“Enjoy the journey of your desires.”





Be Ready To Compromise

Not all things will go according to plan. At times you may fail to achieve what you had intended to manifest and that’s ok. I like how The“ Rolling Stones” put it.

“You cant always get what you want” But if you try sometimes well you might find what you need… How true!

Compromise may come in the form of more time or alternative ways to achieve results.

Whichever way you compromise remember, that nothing is set in stone. If you need to bend the rules a little! Then so be it.


“Be ready to compromise and reduce your stress.”





Healthy Eats.

Overindulging in Alcohol and Poor Eating Habits is known to increase stress levels.

Studies have shown that High Blood Sugar Levels contribute to stress. It’s all to do with your adrenal gland releasing cortisol hormones when your sugar levels are unstable.

The American Heart Association recommends! No more than 100 calories or 6 teaspoons of sugar for ladies. And 150 Calories or 9 teaspoons of sugar for men… Daily.

“Ah! 1 can of Soft Drink equals about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Ouch!”

So the simple message here is. Eat Healthy Foods, lessen your sugar intake! and avoid the process Stuff! Oh! And get some decent sleep and exercise into you as well.





Alone Time.

Ok, this alone time doesn’t advocate in going anti-social and closing yourself off to society. It’s spending time by yourself! Doing what you like! In your own way! Without trying to prove yourself to others!

Solitude and silence have an uncanny way of rejuvenating our mental thoughts. It gives us clarity and improves all types of relationships and productivity.


“All batteries run out sometime. It’s time to recharge!”






Distressing doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember it’s how we react to a situation that can make the world of difference.





Here is a Recap…


The ControllerBe diligent in your approach.

Better Your Communication SkillsThink before you speak.

Do Away With Negative AttitudesHave a positive outlook.

Resisting PerfectionWe all make mistakes. Learn from them.

Declutter Your EnvironmentMental and environmental clarity are important.

Always Running LateAllow extra time.

Avoid Over-Committing YourselfDon’t put too much on your plate.

Take Regular BreaksIt helps clear the mind.

Break Your Dreams Into Small Manageable StepsRealistic goal setting.

Be Ready to CompromiseGive yourself room to move.

Healthy EatsLess sugar.

Alone TimeBe gentle and make time for you.




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