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The Panic Away Program review.  A course designed to help overcome anxiety and panic attacks fast! Created by Barry Joseph McDonagh, also known as (Joe Barry).


  • The number of anxiety and panic attack sufferers globally are on the increase
  • On average 1 in 6 people will experience some type of mental health issue in any given year.
  • Worldwide demands on humanity are skyrocketing.
  • Higher expectations from employers, financial burdens and just getting through each day. This is emotional exhaustion at work.
  • Anxiety disorders are now the most common form of mental health issue.

Renowned for his work and reaching over 150,000 people worldwide. Barry’ Panic Away Program has now become one of the most successful courses available.


“Treating General Anxiety and Panic Attacks does not have to be difficult.”




Let’s meet the author of Panic Away Program, Barry Joseph McDonagh.

Irish born Barry J McDonagh, had his first panic attack whilst attending Dublin College. He continued to experience these attacks in different locations and scenarios for several years.

With mainstream help not working, Barry was living with the fear of when and where the next attack will happen. This had to stop.

Barry wanted to find answers to ending anxiety and panic attacks for good. Not a band-aid fix, but a long-term solution to ending this dilemma.

Going against the grain of traditional methods, Barry undertook a 2-year self-discovery journey. This led him to discover a technique that stopped the panic attacks and general anxiety. Developing the Panic Away program.


You can read more about Barry McDonagh discovery and experience here.


Panic Away Program. What is it?


  • In simple terms, the Panic Away Program entails a method known as the “21-7 Technique”.
  • The “21-7 Technique” is the core of the Panic Away Program. It educates the user on how to stop a panic attack in 21 seconds and reduce general anxiety in 7 minutes. Awesome!
  • “The 21-7 method is a simple but an effect technique that can be used anytime”.
  • The course also includes, Anxiety Causes, Elimination Techniques, Anxiety Scenarios, Phobias, and Case Studies. Including Diet, Exercise and much more. The course is quite comprehensive.
  • The Panic away Program is a natural treatment program. It is not based on Medications, NLP or Hypnotherapy. It is a simple uncomplicated system that does have positive results. 
  • The Panic Away program has the backing of Clinical Psychologists. You can view this and other endorsements yourself at the official Panic Away website. Click here!


Why Do Most Anxiety Treatments Fail?

According to Barry, most anxiety treatments won’t work. Why? Because they fail to address the core issue.

In the course, Barry explains the Panic Loop Cycle, which consists of:

  • Unusual Body Sensation. – Confusion and fear.
  • Panic Attack – Overreacting to the bodies sensation
  • High Anxiety – Feeling strange after the panic attack
  • Fear of Fear – Fearing another panic attack.

The Panic Away Program takes a different approach towards anxiety and panic attacks. It helps recognise what is happening during an attack and stops the fear of another panic attack.

Don’t fight it, accept it and understand it. Breathing heavier with the fear of not knowing what is going to happen next is only going to make it worse. The panic attack will intensify.


Do You Have Anxiety?

To assist you, here are the most common symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

You may experience these symptoms one at a time or as a combination.


  • Heart Palpitations and Chest Pains – Often confused with the thought of having a heart attack. But should not be ignored! Consult your health professional whenever you are experiencing severe chest pains.
  • Shortness of Breath. Choking Sensation.
  • Feeling Strange and Detached from Reality.
  • Nervousness and Sweating.
  • Unsettled and Confused.
  • Fearful and Panicky.
  • Nausea.
  • Dizziness and Feeling Faint.

If you are experiencing these symptoms then the Panic Away Program may hold the key to your recovery.

Here Is What You Get With The Panic Away Program.


panic away


The Panic Away Course is available in Silver, Gold or Platinum versions and consists of:


  • 245-page e-book ready for download. Also available in Physical Form.
  • Panic Away DVDs. This is what makes learning the 21-7 technique simple.
  • Panic Away CDs. This is helpful if you just want to sit and listen.   The CD’s are helpful for learning how to deal with different types of Anxiety.
  • There are Bonus Videos attached to the program.
  • Access to the member’s area and forum support.
  • 100 % money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


Panic Away Product and Pricing.


Silver: $67.95panic-away-silver



The complete Panic Away Program in Digital Download Only. View on Your Desk Top Computer, Tablet and or Mobile Phone. Get Instant access.





Gold: $97.00

panic away


The complete Panic Away Program in Physical Form and shipped to your door anywhere in the world.



Platinum: $97.00





Get the Complete Panic Away Program in Physical Form plus access to the Digital Version.



Please note: That the panic away program prices were correct at the time of posting this review. Pricing may be subject to change without notification.


Is the program for you?

Anxiety and panic attacks can happen anywhere anytime and in many different scenarios. Fear of Driving, Socialising, Being in any Public Place and leaving the safety of your own home etc;

Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks is detrimental to your health. Prolonged treatment equals an unhappy lifestyle. Don’t ignore them.


  • The Panic Away Program offers an alternative method that gets to the core of the problem in a holistic way. If you’re not a believer in treating anxiety in a natural way then this program is not for you.
  • The program teaches you to understand anxiety and not to fear or fight it.
  • It focuses on ending anxiety and panic attacks for good.
  • Yes, it will reduce stress and depression.
  • Yes, it will help you with mental clarity and allow you to live a more fulfilling way of life.


Is this course for you? Our aim is to introduce you to a “successful program with proven results”. May we suggest a visit to the panic away website and reading the testimonials.


Final Thoughts.

Our research into this product has concluded that:


  • Since its introduction in 2001, the Panic Away program has reached over 150,000 people worldwide who suffer from anxiety. There is no evidence to suggest a scam product.
  • The techniques are simple and effective. The less complicated, the less anxiety. Nice!
  • It has viewed on television and talkback shows across America, and Australia.
  • It’s backed by Clinical Psychologist and endorsed by Celebrities.
  • With its proven track record, the Panic Away Program is known to deliver on its promise. With amazing results.


Panic Away Guarantee

It’s a thumbs up for the program that is true. We recommend taking a visit to the site. And while you’re there, don’t forget to get your free audio download Rapid Relief.


Click here to visit the official website.

Panic Away Product


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It’s designed to allow the body to heal itself in a natural way.




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