The Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

meditation and yoga

Dating back thousands of years, the Ancient art of combing both meditation and yoga practices has proven itself to be beneficial with positive results in the quest to relaxing and strengthening both your mind and body.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation and Yoga.

As yoga plays the role of strengthening the bodies’ function physically, equally as important is the minds meditative state to clear thoughts and work together as one.

The combination of both of these practices are powerful, and should be incorporated to form part of your overall health plan on a regular basis to gain optimum results.

 Benefits you will notice when combining both meditation and yoga:

  • Increased flexibility and overall body strength, which in turn can help in easing arthritic pain.
  • Strengthening your back muscles, correcting posture and bettering spinal health and movement.
  • Improving your blood flow, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Better your breathing which is great for asthma suffers.
  • Correcting the heart rate that helps in the fight against cardiovascular disease and help relieve depression.
  • Boosts the Immune system to help the fight against disease and or general sickness.
  • A healthier digestive system.
  • Reduction in your metabolic rate, that in turn helps lower the stress hormone known as cortisol.
  • Enhances your focus and betters the minds performance with clarity.
  • Releasing feel-good hormones such as serotonin, creating calmness, serenity, and overall happiness.



Practicing Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga can be practiced individually or by combing both techniques together. Both ways, you will soon see positive changes both mentally and physically that will lead to a healthier and more calming way of life.

7 Tips to help you prepare for Meditation and Yoga

  • Breathing and Concentration- Focus on slow deep breathing allowing the flow of air to come in and out thru the nose and deep into the belly. This will increase your oxygen levels and help you concentrate when you move from one yoga pose to another, enabling you to stretch a little further.
  • At Home- If you’re not attending classes and are practicing yoga at home then try to create a space of serenity that will help with your focus. Burning essential oils and playing ambient or Zen-type meditation music all go hand in hand when practicing Meditation and Yoga.
  • Loose Clothing- Bare feet and wearing loose clothing is advisable. Your body needs to breath and stretch. You don’t want anything tight restricting your yoga movements.
  • Exercise Mat- Use an exercise mat or blanket.
  • When to Exercise- When doing any physical exercise, experts say that the morning is always the best time. Meditation and Yoga are of no exception, as your mind tends to be clearer and should be performed on an empty stomach.
  • Water- Drink water leading up to your session but don’t overdo the consumption. You will sweat, so obviously drink afterward and slowly.
  • Go at your own pace- like all forms of activity, you will not master this on your first session. So go slow and steady and slowly build up.




On a Psychological level, those who merge this practice into their lives report having noticed improvements in their memory and creativity functions as well as alleviating the symptoms of other mental health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Even thou Meditation and Yoga may be linked to the path of spiritual growth, by making it part of your life can only bring positive results to your overall wellbeing.