Joe Barry Review – Panic Away

Hi and welcome to a review about the author and creator of the Panic Away Program, Barry Joseph McDonagh, (BA, DIP PSYCH) sometimes referred to as Joe Barry.

For the purpose of this review and so much easier to type we will use the name, Joe Barry.

About Joe Barry

Barry McDonagh ( Joe Barry) Author Panic Away

Barry McDonagh ( Joe Barry) Author Panic Away

Described as a lay back type of guy, Irish-born Joe Barry first experienced anxiety and panic attacks whilst in his first college year.

Joe Barry’s own words were “I was sitting in church close to the front when my heart suddenly started pounding like a bass drum in my chest.”

As panic attacks strike suddenly, Joe Barry did not know what was happening to him during this terrifying moment.

Heart attack maybe? Am I going to die? Don’t worry! Panic attacks and anxiety won’t kill you. What a relief.

The panic attacks became more frequent striking Joe Barry at anytime, whilst driving his car, in cinemas, at lectures, and because of this, his general anxiety levels increased, making him feel uncomfortable and constantly edgy. Fearful of when the next attack would happen.

Joe Barry knew that something had to be done about what he was experiencing. He avoided speaking to his medical practitioner or friends, as he was afraid of what others thought of him and terrified of being diagnosed as having some sort of mental illness.

So he went on it alone and began a 2-year self-discovery journey into what eventually became the Panic Away Program.

Joe Barry – Discovery

This was not an easy task as most treatments were medically based or the type of therapy that would allow people to COPE with anxiety and panic attacks and not STOP the problem. Joe Barry concluded that the strategies appeared to be similar.

Joe Barry wanted to end the panic and anxiety not just “Band-Aid it.”

Joe Barry approached these attacks from a different perspective. Going against the grain of what current research was suggesting. Joe discovered a natural method that had the potential of stopping these attacks instantly. He stopped fighting the Anxiety.

Testing this method, Joe would actually experiment on himself by bringing on an attack. He would do this by placing himself in a situation that would trigger a panic attack.

Then Joe would apply the new technique, with amazing results. The technique was refined and would become the core of the panic away program known as the 21-7 technique.

According to Joe Barry, The 21-7 Technique aids sufferers in stopping a panic attack in 21 seconds and reduce general anxiety within 7 minutes or less.

Since its introduction 10 years ago and at last count, Joe Barry’s “Panic Away program” has  assisted over 150,000 people worldwide in 32 countries with his mission to reach “1 million people by 2016”.

Joe Barry has been featured on TV and radio across America with endorsements from TV Personality’s.


I don’t know Joe Barry personally but as an ex sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, I am confident that Joe Barry is genuine in his approach to helping people overcome the issue of anxiety and panic attacks and that his program “panic away” is worth looking into.

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