How To Stop A Panic Attack – Video Interview



how to stop a panic attack

How to stop a panic attack and anxiety may be a lot easier than you think. A video interview between Joe Barry McDonagh and practicing medical practitioner Dr. Harry Barry. Both of these gentlemen have helped anxiety and panic attack sufferers  cure this condition.

Joe Barry McDonagh is the author and creator of the “panic away program” and his latest book “DARE”. Dr. Harry Barry is also an author of several books including “flagging the therapy”.

Ok, let’s not get the two Barry’s mixed up now!

The interview uncovers some interesting truths about anxiety and panic attacks. With some anxiety sufferers having lived with this debilitating condition for 20+ years.

Anxiety does come in many forms and is not restricted to any one place or situation. It is this unease of when and where it will happen next! that causes such fear and panic. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

According to Dr. Harry Barry. Anxiety is one of the simplest conditions to treat from the whole of mental health area. Some anxiety suffers may doubt this! But do take the time to listen to this interview. You have lots to gain once you understand anxiety.

In the video, Dr. Harry Barry makes reference to the following 10 points.


  1. Panic Disorder! Where your whole life is just consumed with the fear of  when and where the next attack will happen.
  2. Anxiety may not be the most pleasant feeling in the world but it is not dangerous.
  3. How facing your enemy of anxiety is essential.
  4. How to stop a panic attack by using natural therapy.
  5. How resisting a panic attack is actually harmful.
  6. Bringing on anxiety is part of the healing process.
  7. The fight or flight attitude when anxiety sneaks in.
  8. Short-term anxiety discomfort vs. Long-term health gain.
  9. Why short-term solutions don’t work.
  10. Embracing the panic attack.



How To Stop A Panic Attack- Video Interview


In conclusion! To the how to stop a panic attack video.

Treating anxiety doesn’t have to be difficult. Take time to reflect on the 10 points. Fighting with anxiety is not going to get you any closer to a cure. It is knowing how to stop a panic attack and anxiety that will.

As Joe Barry McDonagh mentions in the video. It was his own experience with anxiety that led to the development of the panic away program. Helping more than 150000 people worldwide, deal with anxiety and panic attacks. The methods in the program align with what Dr. Harry Barry speaks of.

Don’t carry this burden with you for the rest of your life. Overcome your anxiety, stop panic attacks and start to live a happy and fulfilling life again

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 To your health and wellbeing!