About us

Mindfixology promotes good mental, physical and spiritual health for those who want to create a healthier and abundant life.

The Information and resources within this website are for the benefit of the community to share and make well with.

In 2014 the website www.mindfixology.com was put together for people whom suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem issues and the want to create an abundant life.

The reason was due to my own personal experience with these issues that started 20+ years ago. This led to a life of depression, fear, anger and at times been hospitalised with extreme anxiety.

These are all issues that at times we don’t like to talk about. They were also my obstacles to a fulfilling life.

Life had to change before self-destruction really kicked in, and due to the fact that I am one of those persons whose body doesn’t really agree with medication! I had to find alternative treatments.

I am a huge believer and use natural healing techniques to manage any sort of pain that may arise from time to time. But this didn’t happen overnight.

It took many years of research to find what can work.

Meditation, Thought and Emotion Techniques has become my DAILY practice.

We are all different and hopefully you will find this information  helpful in your journey to finding answers to help you heal and create a peaceful and abundant life 

To your health and well-being.

Nans Stephens.
Founder of Mindfixology.

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